All sports people can benefit from Physical Therapy.

Even when we are not injured, our muscles may be tight from training or competing. This puts more strain on our tendons and ligaments which affects our joints. A deep tissue massage is a good way of assessing areas of potential injury and loosening out tight musculature which assists training, speeds up recovery time and improves flexibility.

If an injury has occurred, as well as treating the symptoms to reduce pain and dysfunction, we would also determine the cause of injury and start a tailored home care programme in order to prevent re-occurrence of a particular injury.

Physical therapy following surgery or a fracture (where a joint has been immobilised for a period of time) is an extremely important part of the recovery process. It assists to increase the range of motion and thus the flexibility in a joint, increases the normal resting length of muscles, decreases pain and improves function. A rehabilitation programme will also serve to strengthen the muscles around the joint which increases the stability of the joint.

Physical Therapy can dramatically reduce your recovery time and help you to return to sport as soon as possible.